My Ad for Genuine Yoni Massage with G-Spot Sensation

Posted on May 2, 2011


Please check my new ad for Yoni massage.

Based on customer feedback, I could consider this my specialized professional service. Unlike others claiming to knowthis but fall short of real fulfillment for their client, I provide unselfish pleasuring based on principles of what Yoni is suppose to be. It is not about orgasm but about the pleasurable experience while at the state of ecstasy.

One can’t wing his way through this procedure. You also need a lot of restraint when conducting this, bearing in mind it’s the pleasure of your partner that’s foremost and not your own. It begins with a full-body massage conducted slowly until your partner is fully relaxed. It’s only then that I prepare my client for Yoni, making sure she is relaxed and devoid of any tension or nervousness. One should be slow and calculated in each move and must have knowledge of the right spots to touch. The massage starts from the first point with least sensation and slowly moving towards the ultimate spot in the Yoni that is considered the most pleasurable for women. This climaxing end to the whole process gives the woman the pleasurable ecstasy that can be expected from a Yoni Massage.