Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Posted on April 15, 2011


1.    What is Sensual Massage?

Sensual massage is moderate to hard muscle massage with emphasis on providing frequent pleasure through sensuous touching in the buttocks, groin, abdominal, legs, and chest areas.  I usually conduct this for an hour using essential oils. For those who do not want to be touched in certain areas of the body, kindly inform me ahead so that I can observe your preference.

2.   Where do you conduct the massage?

For confidentiality, most of my clients prefer to meet in a hotel or motel. They are either there ahead of time or made reservations and the room number advised to me. For those who are repeat clients or those trusting enough and who lives alone, we have the massage at their place. In short, I am willing to have the massage anywhere of convenience for the client as long as it is in Metro Manila. If outside Metro Manila, prior arrangements should be made.

3.   Do you have any age limit in accepting clients?

There is no age limit for those who want to avail of a sensual massage.

4.   May I see a photo of you first before availing of your services?

For the sake of privacy, I do not send photos since I conduct this profession in confidentiality from friends, colleagues, and family. Rest assured I am pleasing to the eye and a pleasure to be with in conversation. I am educated in a premier university, well-travelled, and highly experienced, enough to engage you in meaningful & interesting conversations.

5.   How many hours should you be notified if I decide to avail of your services? What time are you available?

A 24-hour notification ahead of your preferred date is most appreciated but not particularly required. I am available to be at your service any time of the day or night. I have conducted services even at 3AM for those who have trouble sleeping.

6.   How much are your services?

The one hour massage is P1,000. If you prefer additional time, the extra time is P150 per 30 minutes.  An overnight stay would be P2000.

If you first want a “trial service”, we can discuss special arrangements. For those outside Metro Manila, I am open to visit your place but would have to charge extra for the fare.

For escort services around Metro Manila, I can accompany you at P500 for the first hour and P250 for the succeeding hours.

7.   Are there “extra services” other than the sensual massage? Any costs?

Yes, this is something that most expect and have requested which I am certainly fine with. There are no extra charges for this nor do I expect anything extra unless the client wants to give wholeheartedly.

8.   Can we meet first before having a massage?

Certainly. I can meet you at a coffee shop for a chat and you are not committed to avail of my services if you don’t want.

9.   Are you open to fantasy plays?

Yes, I am. I have several clients wherein the husbands / boyfriends want their wife or girlfriend massaged while they watch. I am open to discuss your fantasies provided these do not involve homosexuality, extreme violence or degradation, invasion of privacy, nor acts against the will of anyone.

10.    How do I ensure this will remain confidential? What happens if we bump into each other someplace?

Confidentiality goes both ways. “What happens between us, stays between us”. Once we part ways, ‘we don’t know each other’ should we cross paths somewhere. To assure confidentiality and guard against unauthorized video, I use a mobile phone without camera and does not bring any similar gadgets with video-taking features.

11.    What are your limitations?

I only provide massage and escort services to women.

12.      How do I get in touch with you?

Please e-mail me at if you are interested in my services or have questions or concerns. I will send my number  to you thereafter.

You may also get in touch with me through the following sites: