I Watched My Wife Get a Massage Parlor Surprise

Posted on March 25, 2011


A voyeuristic trip to the massage parlor turned up a surprise when my wife arrived for a massage!

Martha joined a workout club and also has a massage every two to three weeks at a massage parlor about 10 miles out of town. She has always enjoyed getting massages but is somewhat shy and always has had a female masseuse. 

Let me describe Martha to you: She has small breasts with thick nipples, an incredibly sexy body and a very thick hairy bush. Her ass is nice and firm and very, very sensitive as are her nipples. I have given her massages at home and when I start rubbing her ass she immediately starts getting hot and her pussy gets very wet. I have gotten the same reaction when I massage her nipples and it has always led to us making love.

Although she has only been with a few other men, I have secretly wondered what it would be like to see her getting fucked by somebody else, especially a man with a huge cock. Her pussy is quite tight but when I eat her before entering her she gets very wet and loose and I can enter her full length in one stroke without any problem.

I have always been a voyeur and love peeking at other women and even Martha, at home I sometime sneak outside our house and peek in thru the bedroom window when she is getting undressed pretending I am somebody else looking at her. It always makes me hard and excites me fantasizing about somebody else seeing her.

Two weeks ago I was having lunch with a fellow I had gotten to know and we were talking about one of the girls we know. I mentioned that it would be great to see her naked and Tom, the guy I was with, said we could see her naked if I wanted to, I was confused and asked how that could be and he just said to meet him back at a bar he went to sometimes after work. I was still confused but agreed and later called Martha and told her I was going to be home late. I met Tom after work and he said to hop in with him and then we drove out to the massage parlor that Martha goes to. I still didn’t know what he had in mind but we went around to a back door where Tom told the guy guarding the door that he was bringing a guest for the evening viewing. Obviously Tom had been there before and the guy let us in where we walked up some stairs and entered a darkened room. There were windows in the wall and chairs placed around so when we sat down I realized we were looking thru one-way mirrors into one of the massage rooms.

All of a sudden it became clear to me that we were about to watch somebody get a massage and would be able to watch her disrobe. It then struck me that Martha came to this same massage parlor and I wondered if she had been observed by a group of strangers undressing and getting a massage, the thought of that excited me.

There were six of us guys sitting in the darkened room and soon the door opened in the room we were observing and a female masseuse escorted Judy (the girl we spoke of) into the room telling her to undress and get on the massage table and cover herself with a towel. It was very erotic to watch her undress and when she was completely naked I got very hard looking at her firm tits and lightly haired pussy. For the next hour the six of us watched her get a complete body massage (nothing sexual took place), making comments about how we would like to suck on her tits, eat her or fuck her and after watching Judy get dressed and leave Tom took me back to my car warning me to never tell anybody about it as it could cause all kinds of problems.

I didn’t tell Tom anything about my wife going to the same parlor (these guys had never met Martha or knew what she looked like) and I certainly didn’t tell Martha but it made me very horny fantasizing about six strangers watching her as we had watched Judy.

Last Friday Tom asked me if I wanted to go to the parlor again Saturday afternoon to watch another girl, this sounded exciting so that evening I told Martha that I was working Saturday afternoon and she said she would probably go shopping or something.

Once again Tom and I drove to the massage parlor and took our seats. The owner of the massage parlor joined us and said a regular customer had just come in and he thought we would like to watch her as she was married and had a dynamite body as he had seen her undress a number of times. He told us we might be in for a special treat as she had been drinking some “special tea” they had offered her while she was waiting and this tea contained a relaxant as well as an aphrodisiac.

All of us were getting excited that maybe we would see some sex action when the door to the massage room opened and a girl came in escorting ….my wife! I almost jumped up to rush into the room and take her out of there when Tom looked at me and asked if I knew the girl. Realizing he had very likely seen her naked also I didn’t want him to know Martha was my wife so I just sat there and said I didn’t know her.

My feelings were very confused, I knew the men I was with wanted to watch her get undressed and see what might transpire (I was concerned about that) which as her husband I should not have wanted them seeing her naked, but the thought of us all watching her get undressed also excited me greatly.

By this time Martha was already starting to get undressed so I just sat there and watched with the rest of the guys. The owner told us she had great tits and a beautiful thick bush and when she finally took her bra off the guys all started making comments about how they would like to be sucking on them or wrapping them around their cocks. Their comments grew even more descriptive when she removed her panties and her hairy bush was fully exposed to them.

I could see the special tea was affecting Martha as she had a dreamy look in her eyes and she was rubbing her tits a little before she lay face down on the table and then didn’t even cover herself with the towel. She lay there for a little while and seemed to have almost fallen asleep when the door opened again and a tall nice looking guy wearing loose jogging shorts and a tank top quietly walked in. Since there was a microphone in the massage room and speakers in ours we could hear every noise in great detail.

The owner told us the young guy was one of their best masseuses and he wanted to see what would happen when he worked this girl over. I didn’t know what to think, here was my wife laying naked on the table and a good looking guy, a complete stranger, was going to put his hands on her. The situation was so sexually exciting that I just sat there and watched, and waited, with the rest of the guys.

As the guy started rubbing Martha’s back, she must have thought it was the regular female masseuse, because she seemed to be totally relaxed. He started with her feet and toes and worked up her calves, thighs, skipped her butt, and really worked on her back and shoulders as she started to make little noises of satisfaction, almost purring. He started rubbing lower and lower on her back and she just remained laying there, totally relaxed. Pretty soon he was massaging her ass cheeks and we could all see that she was starting to move around a little and was rubbing her mound on the table top. At the same time her legs spread apart some and we, as well as the young guy, could see her beautiful slit and see the shine of her juices. He kept massaging her ass for a while and then moved his hands up to the sides of her rib cage and massaged the sides of her tits and even let his fingers slide under her a little as she lay still on the table. He kept going back and forth between her tits and her ass and Martha was obviously getting hot as her legs spread wider and wider until we all had a clear view of her very wet pussy. By this time all of us had erections and we could see the guys cock head sticking out one pant leg of his shorts. Pretty soon he gently pulled on her shoulder indicating he wanted her to roll on her back and as she started to roll over he placed a folded towel over her eyes. It was a common practice to cover the clients eyes so the light would not hurt them. It was also carefully planned so my wife would not see who was massaging her.

The guys made more comments as my wife rolled over on her back, her breasts were swollen and her nipples were stiff, a sure indication that she was very aroused and her very bushy mound was fully on display. The owner said, “I told you she had a dynamite body, it gives me a hard on every time I see her naked”. Once again I realized numerous strangers had watched my wife naked in this very room. The young guy moved immediately to my wife’s pretty breasts and started massaging them and rubbing her nipples, Martha was getting more and more aroused and we could now hear her making a little louder moans as he continued to massage her.

He took one of Martha’s hands and placed it on her tit and started squeezing her hand so that she was actually playing with herself and once she was doing this on her own he moved his hand down to her bush and started playing there. She was so hot that she immediately brought her knees up and spread her legs wide open so that her hairy pussy and wide open wet cunt was pointed directly at us. This was such an erotic site that two of the guys didn’t seem to care about the rest of us being there, they pulled their cocks out and started stroking them as they watched the scene before them. I was so sexually excited by this time that I didn’t care that it was my wife we were all watching being touched so brazenly by this nice looking stranger, I just wanted to see how far this would go.

The guy brought Martha’s other hand to her other tit and moved down between her legs and started rubbing her very visible clit, rubbing her leaking juices over it and pinching it between his fingers. She moaned even loader and pushed her hips up towards him and he replaced his fingers with his mouth, sucking her clit in and nibbling on it. She kept humping her hips up and down so he licked her slit and slipped his tongue into her pussy. What an erotic sight this was, my wife completely naked playing with her own tits while a complete stranger, a strange guy to boot, was enthusiastically eating her pussy, I was almost ready to cum in my pants.

He kept eating her until she suddenly had a tremendous climax. He seemed to know that she would be very sensitive so he just lay there for a few minutes waiting fo her to recover. She got aroused very quickly as he started licking her pussy and sucking on her clit again and sure enough in a few minutes she was moaning and humping her hips up and down. When she was climbing towards another climax he pulled away and quickly removed his top and dropped his shorts. We were all shocked, his cock must have been 9 1/2 or 10 inches long and looked as big around as Martha’s wrist. One of the guys said “it will never fit in that little pussy” but I knew how loose she gets when I eat her but of course didn’t say anything.

The masseur took hold of his monster cock and started rubbing the head up and down my wife’s very wet slit and then lodged it in her pussy and started pushing his hips forward. The head of his cock popped in with no problem and he must have buried at least 6” on the first thrust but by this time Martha had come out of her sexual haze a little and raised up on her elbows to see what was being shoved into her.

She started to protest but the guy leaned forward and kissed her hard and started massaging both her tits while making short strokes with his cock and I could see the pleasure on my wife’s face as her very sensitive nipples were played with and her pussy was being stretched like never before. She stopped protesting and just watched, along with all of us, as he leaned up so she could enjoy the incredible view, as her wet pussy swallowed more and more of his cock. With a few more thrusts the young masseur had buried the full length of his massive cock in my wife’s pussy and was starting to make long deep strokes, each time he would pull it almost all the way out and we could see the full length glistening with my wife’s pussy juice and then he would thrust it all the way back in until his cum loaded balls slapped against her ass and his wiry pubic hair mashed against her erect clit.

Martha was so caught up in the intense fucking she was getting from this stranger that she raised her legs up and hooked them over his shoulders and we heard her whimper ‘fuck me’. We now had a fantastic view of her cunt being pummeled by his huge young cock and she was allowing him to plunge even deeper into her. What an erotic sight we were all watching, my wife laying on her back with her legs over a strange guys shoulders while he was fucking her with his huge cock and playing with her tits and sucking on her nipples. I was actually stroking my cock thru my pants I was so excited and I knew the other guys were too, we all seemed to be mesmerized by the incredibly erotic scene we were watching, a scene that my lovely wife was the star player in.

The young masseur continued pounding his cock into my wife’s hairy pussy and we could tell both of them were getting close to a climax, Martha was really moaning and breathing hard and the young guy was pounding her harder and harder. Suddenly, Martha screamed out “fuck me hard” and then that she was cumming and this triggered the guys climax, he stroked deeply into her and held her ass tight and I knew my gorgeous wife’s pussy was being filled with hot cum from a stranger. Both of them continued to vigorously climax for at least two minutes and when the young guy pulled his cock out my wife’s pussy was stretched more than I would have believed possible and his cum was flowing out, down her ass crack and forming a puddle on the table.

The exhausted duo lay there for about five minutes, with him stroking her arms and head. We all thought they were finished but the young masseur had different ideas, his cock was still hard and oozing cum out the slit in his cock head. He moved up until he was straddling her chest and started rubbing his cock head across her lips. She was still obviously very sexually aroused because she didn’t hesitate to open her lips and catch a big drip of his cum on her tongue. She started sucking him like she was devouring his long young cock. He grabbed her breasts and wrapped them around his slimy cock and started stroking between them so that his cock head popped in and out of her mouth. I don’t think he was expecting another climax and she probably wasn’t either. She really doesn’t like sucking me so I was really surprised to see the energy she was putting into this. After about three or four minutes of this he announced to her that he was cumming again and she didn’t miss a stroke. He started erupting into her mouth and cum would slide out of Martha’s mouth every time he would pull out.

After a few minutes of this action he seemed to finally be drained and climbed off her, she presented such an erotic picture laying there with her legs still spread wide open, her pussy stretched open so much we could see inside and cum still leaking out, her tits shiny from his cock being between them and her lips covered with a combination of her juices and his cum. He gave her a sensuous kiss on the lips and then left the room, leaving her laying there alone. After a few minutes she took a towel and wiped her lips clean, wiped the juices off her breasts and cleaned as much as she could from her pussy and hairy mound. She had this really happy look on her face also. I also had a happy look on my face. My fantasy had finally become a reality. She then got dressed and left the room also.

I think all the guys had cum, I know I had and the large spot on my pants attested to my climax. The guys were all talking about my wife, how they couldn’t believe she could take the whole length of the young guy’s cock, how much he came in her, how great she looked getting fucked like she did, and how much each one of them would like to fuck her hairy pussy, suck on her pretty tits and have her suck their cocks. I didn’t contribute to the conversation, I guess I was still a little in shock over what I had just witnessed, as well as what my reaction had been to seeing my wife perform like she did. I finally got my wishes

As much as it had excited me seeing my wife getting fucked by the young stranger I knew I didn’t want her coming back to the massage parlor, I had overheard the owner talking to one of the guys saying he would love to give her enough of the special tea that she would gangbang a whole group of guys, him included. I would never want to hurt my wife! I only want to watch her have the ultimate sexual experiences. I decided to buy her a membership at a very exclusive spa in another town so that she would not come back here. When I saw Martha later and asked her what she had done during the day she smiled and said she had gotten a nice massage and that was all. I mentioned about buying her a membership to the new spa and she eagerly accepted, saying she had decided that she didn’t want to go back to the massage parlor anyway. I haven’t said anything about what I saw and don’t plan on ever telling her either. Maybe we can hire the young masseur to visit our home! Wow, I can’t wait to tell you that story.

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