Different Ways To Increase Female Libido

Posted on March 23, 2011


Libido simply means the sexual desire. There are so many psychological and physical reasons for low libido in women. It may be due to the depression, stress and fatigue, childhood abuse, body image issues, lack of attraction or interest in partners or sexual performance anxiety. But today we can see different ways to increase female libido.

Foreplay is considered as an important way to increase female libido in our own way. It may be a stroking, fondling and caressing. But it is essential that choose different way what is essential to set a right atmosphere.

Try to make love in different and right atmosphere and start it with a good long foreplay. It will be a better way to increase female libido.

Erotic massage, sex therapy and sex massage are also considered as a better way to increase female libido. It means the touching and massaging on the focal area of women –breast and pubic. It can be ended with or without ejaculation. And daily strength training and aerobic exercise will boost the self-confidence and stamina of the women. It also enhances the libido in them.

The tension and stress are considered as two common reasons for the low libido in women. They need more time to free from the tension and to prepare to have sex.

The mentality of women towards the sex is different from men. They need relaxation before have sex but men treat sex as a means of relaxation. This conflict may be a reason for the low libido in women.

In the modern life style there is no hope to decrease the tension and stress. So the women are forced to consider sex as a one additional thing in their day to day list.

The meditation and yoga is considered a better way to increase female libido in these situations. It helps the women to know better ways of handling stress and tension more easily and effectively.

Another way to increase female libido is, choose one or more libido enhancer among the variety of selection. The enhancers are in different forms like capsule, cream, gel or spray.

Almost all of the enhancer contain essential herbs which increase the blood circulation towards clitoris. So it enhances the sexual arousal and fulfills the female sex requirements.

The female testosterone patches and sprays, called as female equivalent of Viagra, is another way to increase female libido. But it is only recommended to the women who have unusual low level of libido.

The hormone replacement therapy is also recommended as a modern way to increase female libido. Different types of foods and artichokes can increase the female libido. Pumpkin seeds along with Brazil nuts and almonds will boost the blood circulation to genital areas.

It leads to the sexual arousal. Some chocolate contains phenethylamine chemical in it. This chemical is a nutrient produced in our brain when we are in love.

So it is advisable that you talk freely to your partner about the problems and share everything. Try to compromise on certain issues or avoid the unfavorable condition.